hello there i'm maddison, i'm 22, from north carolina, she/her pronouns. this is my main blog, and it's mostly hannibal. i help run bottom-hannibal-club. there are 5 u's in my url. i am super cool pls be my friendo.


let’s face it - you’re either a dick person or a cock person, and it’s pretty unbearable to read a fanfic with the wrong expletive describing a penis


steve and peggy have super awesome sex that’s tender and rough and loving and everything steve’s ever wanted out of physical intimacy. steve tells bucky about how great it was, blushing the entire time

"you and peggy, huh? well i guess you got…pegged

bucky looks directly at the camera and takes off the pair of sunglasses that magically appeared on his face, yelling YEEEEEEEEEAH while he does it. steve stands in the background, looking appalled and confused while bucky high fives himself


dressing Will Graham in Rihanna’s Swarovski crystal outfit for a benefit dinner. 

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if i make it to 2k followers by the end of this week i’ll give you guys the username and password to my bank account and u can have at it


ok i now regret that breanna started following me

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u don’t control me, casey

❝There are going to be a million puns about eating people.❞
(my friend who has seen exactly 2 full episodes of hannibal)


my favorite trope is the ‘place slowly becomes home, people slowly become family’ trope

what if u actually r and ur just backtracking now hmmm

wait a second you’re right. wtf what if i am misha




At least once a week I’m scrolling through my dash and have to stop and say, “holy hell Madd what did you do now” and then go to her blog and find out why people think she’s giving away money or is Misha.

i shouldn’t be allowed on this website

Whatever you make this website 5000% better. 

if by “better” u mean “dumber” then yes

I WAS GONNA SAW HOLY SHIT FOR FCUCKS SAKE FRIEND i mean i didn’t want to assume u were lying and were actually broke because u might take offense or something? then i remembered u were talking about work and like… but yeah

omfg u r too cute