hello there i'm maddison, i'm 22, from north carolina, she/her pronouns. this is my main blog, and it's mostly hannibal. there are 5 u's in my url. i am super cool pls be my friendo.

i didn’t expect people to get so worked up about the oxford comma shit sorry guys i’ll be sure to tag my grammar wank in the future

yes it does but i have to navigate southern living house style now which is a blend between chicago and AP and ugh my life is SO HARD

a moment of silence for the grammatical sacrifices u r making

WHAT DID IT EVER DO TO YOU? It’s kind, loving, and cuddly.

no it’s stupid, dumb and idiotic

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it comes back to you as soon as you leave the dth

don’t tell me chicago uses the oxford comma doN’T TELL ME THAT LB

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i spent many moons loving the oxford comma and then i sold my soul to AP style and everything changed

this textbook i’m reading keeps using the oxford comma and every time it does i have to pause for a second and regroup 


I swear every time I make a dumb post I just sit there looking at it thinking, “This is it. This is the dumbest thing I have ever put on this site.” and then I surprise myself by surpassing my own expectations.


"ummmm your diverse headcanons make me feel uncomfortable" good there’s a reason why it makes u uncomfortable now recognize it

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Anonymous asked:
"what is a hiatsu? confused me is confused"

a hiatus in the context i am using it in is when a tv show is on a break in between seasons. hiatus basically just means “break.” hope that helps, friendo.

dont worry you’ll survive the hiatuses . i believe in you bae

thanks friendo